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Dental Implants with Design A Smile

Regardless of how many teeth you need replaced, you can correct many oral health problems—including rotten teeth, failing teeth, missing teeth, and gum disease—with dental implants. We offer free consultations to determine your unique needs, assess your oral health, your overall medical history, and suggest treatment options that would best accommodate your personal situation. After the consultation, most patients will need a 3D CT scan of your upper and/or lower jaws so that the doctor can create an ideal treatment plan as well.


Whether you're having a preexisting gap filled or are having a tooth removed to then be replaced, we'll numb the area before treatment and work quickly and carefully to make sure the grafted implant forms a solid bond to your mouth. Whether you're looking for a single tooth replacement or need implants to anchor a bridge over a multi-tooth gap, we'll make sure to create a natural-looking smile you'll be pleased with. There might be other treatments your dentist could deem helpful to get before you get your implants, such as grafting new bone to the affected area or removing other problematic teeth preemptively. At Design a Smile, it's our promise to always outline the treatment options you have an work with you to pick the solution that best meets your unique needs, fits within your budget, and creates the smile you want.


With your new smile, it's important to protect your investment. Just floss and brush twice daily, and have regular check-up and cleanings at our office. Treat your new smile with care and dedication, and you will enjoy a beautiful smile for life. For more information about our dental implant services, just contact us today to schedule your free consultation!



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